Battlefield 1 Player Numbers Break 21 Million, Gives EA Lots of Money

In the few months that have passed since Battlefield 1 player numbers broke 19 million, two million more gamers have now bought and played the game, bringing the total to over 21 million. Unsurprisingly, this has given EA a great deal of money, giving the company an outstanding financial quarter for this part of the year.

Battlefield 1 has proven to be one of EA’s most successful titles in recent memory, even surpassing the other Battlefield games that took place in the modern era, rather than going back to the time of the Great War. With the huge variety of weapons, interesting new gameplay (including aerial combat in the form of biplanes, and horses), and a steady stream of new DLC, the game’s success isn’t a surprise.

The success of the game could even come as a surprise to EA’s executives, who were at first hesitant to greenlight the game’s development as they believed people wouldn’t be interested in the First World War (or, according to some, even know that there was a First World War.)

The Battlefield 1 player numbers aren’t the only things that have helped EA’s finances; games like the EA Sports FIFA games, Star Wars: Battlefront, and The Sims have all helped give the company a big boost in revenue both physically and digitally.

Considering that EA will have two other big successes on its hands with Battlefront 2 and FIFA 18, both of which will be coming out later this year, their fortunes may be about to get even better. Both games have a lot of anticipation coming along with them, Battlefront 2 for its story campaign and much larger multiplayer component, FIFA 18 for being a FIFA game (which have always been top sellers.)

Either way, with all of the hotly anticipated games that EA will be releasing in the next few months, hopefully we’ll see the success of the company and its developers continue to rise just like its profits.