AMD Ryzen Threadripper Delidding Reveals AMD EPYC In Disguise

AMD Ryzen Threadripper features 16 cores and 32 threads, so it is not surprising that people want to have a look at the die in order to find out how AMD was able to pull this off. Overclocker der8auer was able to pull this off but he was away from home and did not have the ideal tools for the job but he did it anyway.

Delidding the AMD Ryzen Threadripper we find 4 dies instead of two which means that the AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU was actually an AMD EPYC CPU with some cores and threads disabled but the chip did not work when delidded. It is possible that the chip might have been damaged during the delidding process.

A call to AMD revealed that in the particular 16 core 32 thread  AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPU, 2 of the 4 dies were unused. Hence there were 4 dies under the hood instead of two. This does not mean that you can’t delid the AMD Threadripper CPUs. If you use the proper tools then you will certainly be able to pull this off but it does have risks and it is safer not to delid in the first place.

AMD EPYC CPUs are going to be coming out for the server and data center market. Intel recently stated that EPYC was 4 desktop dies glued together but Scott Aylor, SVP and GM Enterprise Solutions answered this by stating the following:

There’s a theory out there that EPYC is just 4 desktop processors glued together. When you look at throughout the presentations today, from Mike Clark, about the memory sizes and features that he has built into the core and when you hear from Kevin the security enhancements that are in there, when you hear from Jerry about the over provisioning of memory bandwidth between the devices, you hear from Sam determinism features that aren’t available from the competitor that were built for enterprise. Hopefully you will realize this is not a glued together desktop processor.

AMD EPYC is clearly much more than that; AMD Threadripper pre-built PCs are available for purchase if you are interested.

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