Overwatch League Promises Best Salaries and Benefits in Esports

Blizzard has finally broken its silence on the professional standards and sustainable ecosystem that Overwatch League will set in the world of esports.

Posting on the official website, the developer outlined an incredibly attractive bundle of minimum benefits for those who choose to be part of this initiative. Suffice to say, these appear to match what other competitive games are currently offering if not better.

Players picked up by the Overwatch League will sign a one-year guaranteed contact, which can be extended for an additional year. Each player will start off with an annual sum of $50,000 as the base minimum salary. Their respective teams will be in charge of providing health insurance and a retirement savings plan. In addition, teams must distribute half of the bonuses attained from winning events between the players.

To reiterate, the aforementioned standards are prescribed as a starting point. Players with larger followings and success rates can obviously negotiate better contracts. It should also be noted that the salary packages do not take into account other revenue sources such as through streaming and sponsorship opportunities.

Blizzard has officially confirmed that the first season of the Overwatch League will begin from the start of August and run through October, concluding just before the annual BlizzCon in November. During the break, every team in the Overwatch League will have the opportunity to do roster changes and sign or replace players.

Last month, senior vice president Mike Sepso noted that the vibrant team-based online shooter is built around esports and is designed to set new industry standards that will ultimately help to accelerate growth and accessibility.