League of Legends’ Reworked Urgot Can Insta-Kill Targets at Full Health

What was initially thought to be a bug has been confirmed as a legitimate setup brought by the recent major rework of Urgot in League of Legends.

The Dreadnought’s new ultimate ability, Fear Beyond Death, fires a drill that impales the first enemy champion struck. It initially deals physical damage on the first cast but if that is enough to bring the target’s health below a minimum threshold, Urgot can cast the ability again to reel the drill back in and execute the foe. Upon doing so, all nearby enemies are feared for a small duration.

That alone is horrific enough, but players have now discovered that the ultimate ability can also be used to eliminate enemy champions at full health. However, that does require a specific setup to work.

When Urgot successfully impales an enemy champion at low health, and the opposing Braum support jumps in with Unbreakable Wall (E) to somehow help his teammate, Urgot will drag Braum on the second cast to be executed instead of the original target. This does mean that Braum can be at full health but the execution will work as intended. In addition, his death will also trigger the mass fear for nearby enemies.

Riot Games has confirmed that this is not a bug. That being said, it remains to be seen if it only works with Braum or also other champions that can jump or leap in the way of the impaling drill of Urgot and get shredded instead.

The rework of Urgot arrived this week with Patch 7.15 for League of Legends. He is one of the first champions to be designed for the game, and also the most aged of them all in terms of feasibility and purpose. After years of being ridiculed, the developer has finally managed to push his overhauled kit on the Rift.

In other news, the Public Test Environment (PBE) was updated yesterday with a whole new lineup of skins. This includes Lancer Zero Hecarim, the next loot-exclusive skin for the game.