Fortnite Beginner’s Guide – Finding Treasure Chests, Building Tips, Best Talents, Weapons

In this Fortnite Beginner’s Guide, we have tips and tricks that will help you in playing the game. We have addressed the basic game mechanics, how to play the game, how to upgrade your hero and some advanced mechanics such as scavenging building supplies, weapon management and finding treasures in this comprehensive Fortnite Beginner’s Guide.

If you are new to the game, then you might not fully understand all of its systems just yet but with this Fortnite Beginner’s Guide, you will on the right track in no time.

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Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide details everything you need to know about Fortnite. We have detailed all the tips and tricks that should get you on the right track in no time.

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide

Play the Tutorial

You must start the game by playing the tutorial. When you play the tutorial, the game will steadily introduce you to all the basic mechanics and elements of the game. This will help you a lot when you start the game so it is highly recommended that you start the game with playing the tutorial first.

Play Missions Strategically

The strategy is the key to win in Fortnite. Never rush the game, play it wisely and always plan ahead. If you rush the game, you will never get a good experience out of the game. The game offers you a reward if you manage to complete the game in two days but that is a lot of time. You can play the game and explore every nook and corner in this time. It certainly does not mean that you rush through every mission like a raging rhino.

Exploring each map will give you rare and unique items and loot, not to mention different collectibles. Take your time with every mission and never rush the game to get the most out of it.

Find Treasure Chests

Every map on Fortnite has a number of hidden treasure chests that give you very good loot. You must keep an eye out for them. For detailed instructions and guide on the treasure chests, check our Fortnite Treasure Chest Guide above!

The crates are very well hidden so if you hear one; start knocking down walls because there are many hiding places that cannot be accessed through doors. I have found several hidden behind false walls and stuff, so be on the hunt. They are usually hidden in the upper floors or basements of houses. When you start a level, make sure to hunt these places and find all the treasure chests.

Scavenge Building Supplies

Fortnite also has building elements and you will build yourself a Fort. For this Fort, you will need plenty of resources and items so that you can build the fort and keep it strong. To collect these resources you will be required to do some scavenging. For the fort building, you need three core resources. These are Stone, Metal, and Wood. You can find these resources in a number of places.

All of these resources are pretty easy to find in the game. You can get wood from trees and logs. For metal, find a metal reserve in caves or mountains. You can obtain stone from rocks. All these resources are pretty basic and you will not have much trouble finding them.

Weapon Management

Your weapons are your main source of survival in Fortnite so you must pay extra attention towards them. Keep a well-maintained stock of weapons with you all the time. Upgrade weapons to make them more effective. You cannot keep a large number of weapons with you and the weapons that you have limited durability. This makes things very complicated.

To make sure you do not run out weapons in a fight; make sure your best weapons are with you all the time. Keep repair kits handy and keep a decent set of backup weapons with you all the time. You weapons will eventually break no matter how good they so make sure you are ready for a plan B. The ammunition is unlimited so that s one less worry for you. All you need to keep an eye on is the durability of your weapon and you should be fine in battles.

Choose Talents Wisely

As you know, one of the most important aspects of the game is choosing talents from the skill tree. You should also know that once you have selected a skill, you cannot reassign it. Therefore, you must be very careful while choosing a talent and take your time while choosing a talent.

Do not Hoard Items

Fortnite gives you a very limited inventory space so you must be very active with your inventory management. Due to this low space, you cannot have many items with you all the time. Always keep the most important items with you and recycle all the extra items that you have.

When you are out exploring the world, you will collect a large number of items. However, you cannot keep these items with you at the same time. Therefore, you must keep a very strict eye on your inventory and always dispose of unnecessary items. When you recycle an object, you will get extra resources so it will not be a complete waste.

Upgrade Schematics

Schematics are basically blueprints for new weapons that you can build. You can build a variety of weapons in Fortnite. You can find these schematics in different places all around the game. The thing about schematics is that not only they allow you to build weapons; they also give you an option to upgrade the schematic so that the weapon builds are more powerful.

It is a very important element of the weapon management. Upgrading schematics give you access to more powerful weapons that cannot be obtained elsewhere. You must always search for these schematics and upgrade them so you can build and equip weapons that are more powerful.

Try out All Hero Classes!

You should never stick with the same hero class. Explore all the available hero classes and keep a variety of heroes in your squad. This will be very helpful as different heroes have unique abilities that will really help you in the long run.

Every hero has a set of abilities that are unique to its class. The only class, which is the best all-rounder, is the soldier. If you are new to the game and do not know much about the game then you can start with soldier class as it is really the Jack-of-all-trades type hero. All other classes such as Constructors, Outlanders, etc. have a unique set of abilities that really benefit their core role that they are built for.

Be Conservative with Boosts & Powerups

Boosts and Powerups are pretty rare in the game. You should never waste them on easier missions and activities. Always save them for difficult situations! To use these boosts and Powerups, you must be very comfortable with using a hero. It must be powerful enough.

Only then, you can use these Boosts and Powerups like the way they should be.
Stick with the same team for the majority of the game so that can build the team accordingly. If you keep on switching members you will never have the best possible team and all your boosts and Powerups that you used on the previous members will go to waste.

This concludes our Fortnite Beginner’s Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use our comments section below!