Detroit: Become Human Story Paths Will Be Available At Each Decision Point

Considering how much David Cage games claim to value choices, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a number of different Detroit: Become Human story paths, which allow multiple outcomes for a number of different branches, as players saw at the Playstation E3 2016 conference last year.

David Cage games often have a variety of outcomes available, and it seems like Detroit will have the most possible outcomes yet out of all of his games. Multiple playable characters such as Connor the police android, Markus, a rebel who tries to free other androids from servitude, and Kara, another android who has achieved sapience, will all likely have their own story paths to go through.

David Cage, however, does want you to go through the game at least once before going back to all of the different Detroit: Become Human story paths. He has said that, at any time, you can go back to a decision that you made and try again to see how other story branches would have played out.

For example, when we saw a Connor section of the game at E3 2016, various story paths included Connor dying either by being shot, sacrificing himself to save a girl taken hostage, failing to save the girl, or resolving the situation peacefully with no deaths at all. The other characters, including Kara, Markus, and anyone else in the game, will likely have similar moments.

Making the wrong decision on any of the Detroit: Become Human story paths could lead anywhere from an unsatisfactory outcome (which will change how the rest of the game could play out) to the complete death of a character, cutting you out of that storyline entirely.

You’ll be able to see all of the different Detroit: Become Human story paths when the game releases exclusively for the Playstation 4 sometime in 2018.