Destiny 2 Pre Order Weapon Revealed, Get A Free Exotic Weapon

A free Exotic weapon is being offered by Bungie as a Destiny 2 pre order weapon, allowing players to get a very powerful weapon right off the bat when they start the game on its September 6 release date. So, if you want to cut down on some of your loot-grinding, pre-order now!

The weapon in question is called the Coldheart, an exotic weapon called a “trace rifle” that is new to Destiny 2. Trace rifles fire a sustained beam of energy at an enemy, meaning that you can keep a constant stream of damage on an enemy. Considering that the Cabal are the main enemy, and are some of the biggest damage sponges, a trace rifle could definitely help take down their more resilient members.

Thankfully, even though the Coldheart is a Destiny 2 pre order weapon, that won’t be the only way there is to obtain it. Exotic weapons in Destiny are normally undertaken by some form of quest, where you must put the gun together before actually going on the mission that allows you to use it. One can assume that Coldheart will follow a similar pattern, and so the gun can be obtained starting December 5.

Players got to use one exotic weapon per class in the recently-concluded Destiny 2 beta: Titans got the Sweet Business, Warlocks got the Riskrunner, and Hunters got the Sunshot. While this allowed players the chance to run with an Exotic from the very beginning, we’ll likely not be able to keep them after the initial level considering the Tower is leveled and we lose all of our stuff.

Destiny 2 will be releasing on September 6 for Xbox One and Playstation 4, and will be releasing October 24 on PC. So, if you’re wanting to pre-order Destiny 2 to cut down on the Exotic-hunting you’ll be doing, you still have plenty of time.