Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide: What To Expect From This Open World PvE Activity

One of the new side-activities coming to Destiny 2 is Destiny 2 Flashpoint, a weekly activity that rewards players with high-quality loot giving them more of an incentive to take part in it.

So far, Bungie hasn’t shared a lot of details about Flashpoints but the information that has been released paints a pretty decent picture of what can be expected from this side-activity which requires players to explore the world of Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide

In our Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about the new open-world PVE activity in the game.

Destiny 2 Flashpoint Guide

Destiny 2 Flashpoint

Flashpoints are designed to encourage players to travel to the different locations of Destiny 2 instead of just sitting in orbit after they have reached max level and select activities from there. Every week, a new Flashpoint appears which requires players to a particular destination from the 4 available in the game; Earth, Nessus, Titan or Io.

Since Flashpoints are PvE activities that take place in open world areas, players will encounter other players doing the same Flashpoint and can even team up with them. Flashpoint can be done solo or with a group of player so the difficulty is designed to be flexible.

Flashpoint Objective

Bungie hasn’t gone into too much detail regarding Destiny 2 Flashpoints however considering they are a weekly activity that rewards Nightfall-tier loot, some extra legwork can be expected to make players actually work for that high-quality gear. When undergoing Flashpoint tasks, players might be asked to travel to different locations on the map and tackle different difficulty challenges.

From what we know so far, players can be expected to fight against unique and challenging enemies during a Flashpoint event. They will also be required to uncover hidden loot caches by deciphering and assembling scattered Treasure Maps. We know that every week, Clyde will sell treasure maps to the player that will be related to the current week’s Flashpoint.

Players might be rewarded for completing each tier or objective of a Destiny 2 Flashpoint or it is possible that they need to complete the entire thing for one final reward. It is also possible that each week, there would be a checklist to complete and the better a player performs, the better their rewards will be similar to Rise of Iron’s weekly quests.

Are you excited for Flashpoints in Destiny 2? Would you be taking on these challenges for that high-quality loot all by yourself or in a group? Share in the comments below!