Bizzaro Teased As Next Injustice 2 DLC, Possibly Premier Skin For Superman

Injustice 2 creator Ed Boon recently teased that three new characters will be joining the Injustice 2 roster pretty soon. He also mentioned that the development team is currently working on their reveals which would surprise the fans. We now have our first look at one of these characters which will be joining Injustice 2 DLC list in an upcoming update.

The official Injustice 2 twitter account shared an image yesterday captioned “Bizarro number one, not Superman!” confirming that the zombie clone of Superman will be joining NetherRealm Studios’ fighting game as one of the new DLC characters. It is currently unclear when Bizarro will be released for the game but a reveal trailer and some gameplay footage might surface soon.

Bizarro’s character reveal comes just days after NetherRealm Studios revealed Starfire at San Diego Comic Con after announcing her back in March. While Starfire joined the initial fighter DLC pack, which included Red Hood and Sub-Zero, Bizarro and the other two Injustice 2 DLC characters, might have their own character pack to be announced later.

However, considering that Bizzaro and Superman’s character models are pretty much the same and so is their move set beside a few changes, it is possible that Bizarro might not be a character at all and simply a premier skin for Superman. In fact, Ed Boon’s tweet regarding the image actually seems to confirm that it is going to be a skin.

With a complete reveal imminent, hopefully, NetherRealm Studios will announce the cost of Bizarro soon as well. However, if the pricing model from other premier skins continues, Bizarro might also cost 6000 source crystals which cost around $3 so it is pretty pricey for a skin. But for comic book fans, just seeing the reversal of ice breath and heat vision to heat breath and ice vision might be enough to shell out that money.