AMD Ryzen Optimization Process Largely Completed

The AMD Ryzen platform is a relatively new one but it has come a long way. One of the initial problems was the gaming optimization at 1080p and people were also facing issues with RAM. AMD has been working hard to correct these issues and the optimization process is largely completed. AMD is back in the CPU game and is here to stay, according to what we have seen so far.

As a result of the great success that AMD has had in the market, the company has seen a 19% increase in earnings as compared to last year. AMD has also been able to get some CPU market share back from Intel and things are expected to get even better.

AMD is expecting to see 23% growth in the next quarter. This could be due to the introduction of AMD Ryzen 3 as well and AMD RX Vega. According to AMD CEO Lisa Su:

“When we look at where we are, in the progression of the Ryzen rollout, we’re still in the early innings,”

Although AMD Ryzen has had its fair share of ups and downs, we can see that there are people that are adopting AMD Ryzen and are loving it. According to Lisa Su the optimization process is largely complete:

“I believe we’ve worked around a lot of that. We’ve seen game developers, content developers support the Ryzen ecosystem. We’ve continued to support the ecosystem. If you look at the motherboards, if you look at the memory capability, they’ve significantly improved just in the past three or four months.”

AMD Ryzen is great for the mainstream and Threadripper will also be coming out soon to take on the Intel X series CPUs. Things will be very interesting. If you want to learn more about AMD Ryzen optimization then check out our guide.

Let us know what you think about AMD Ryzen and whether or not you are considering building an all AMD PC this year.