Pentakill Kayle Joins the League of Legends Metal Band, Puts on a Show

Grasp of the Undying, the second album from Pentakill, will arrive this year for League of Legends with more than just metal-injected head-banging tracks.

Posting on its social media channels, Riot Games unveiled Pentakill Kayle as the latest inclusion to the band. She will be taking center stage as the new lead singer, meaning that it is time for Karthus to take a step back and share the spotlight with the angel of death.

Grasp of the Undying was confirmed late last year before the advent of the 2016 League of Legends World Championship but it is only now that Riot Games has started releasing finished tracks for fans to preview. The new skin arrives on the back of two new singles from the upcoming Pentakill album, one of which features Noora Louhimo, the Finnish singer who currently heads Battle Beast.

Like the first album, the second one will also be released free of charge for the community. There is still no word on how many tracks Grasp of the Undying will hold, what artists will be featured, or when the album will be released. You can keep an eye out here for any updates.

The metal band is based off of the Pentakill skin lineup in League of Legends. It features Sona on keyboards, Mordekaiser on guitars, Yorick on bass, Olaf on percussions, and Karthus on vocals. The inclusion of Kayle means that we could possibly see more musicians join the band in the future. We could always see another champion stepping on stage with an electric guitar to take charge of rhythms or lead.