New Pokemon Sun and Moon Mission Asks You To Win The Lottery

A new Pokemon Sun and Moon mission on the game’s global plaza is asking players to try and win the in-game lottery in Festival Plaza for a chance at prizes. Players will have to win a cumulative 1,000 times (thankfully not all from the same person) in order to complete the mission.

There’s also a number of cool prizes in store if players manage to make the goal. If 1,000 players manage to win the lottery, every player will get a Rare Candy for you to use to level up one Pokemon of your choice. If 2,000 or more players win the lottery, every player synced up to the game’s Global Link will gain a Fast Ball.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the mission will fail. If players don’t complete the new Pokemon Sun and Moon mission, all you’ll get is a measly 200 Festival Coins. While those could already add to whatever total you have, a Rare Candy or a Poke Ball would definitely be a more useful prize.

If the mission succeeds, in addition to the Rare Candy and/or Fast Ball, players who have their accounts liked to the Pokemon Global Link service will get an additional 4,000 Festival Coins. If the mission fails, they’ll get 400.

Various global missions like this one have been appearing in Pokemon Sun and Moon ever since the game released back in November of last year, with varying successes. This new Pokemon Sun and Moon mission isn’t quite as outlandish as the original one, which called upon trainers to catch over 100,000 Pokemon (considering many trainers don’t like having duplicates the mission was a failure), but who knows what other ones will come up in the future?

The mission is something of a counterpoint to the dismal failure of the first-ever Pokemon Go live event, which ran into huge issues when connectivity problems meant most of the attendees couldn’t play. So, if you want a Rare Candy or a Fast Ball, try and play the lottery in the Festival Plaza or Hau’oli City!