New Overwatch Reporting and Penalty System Goes Live

Following excessive testing in recent months, Blizzard has finally pushed a better reporting system for Overwatch that carries harsher penalties.

It addresses the need of ensuring that majority of matches are conducted cleanly by accurately verifying individuals guilty of hampering the experience of others. This includes abandoning ongoing sessions, showcasing toxicity, harassing, spamming, intentionally feeding, and such.

According to community manager Lylirra, the reporting and penalty system is one of the most important features of Overwatch. Its improvement is something that Blizzard has always considered top priority and will be a subject of focus for the next year.

“Effective immediately, we will be issuing increased penalties to players in response to verified reports of bad behavior,” reads the announcement. “If you see someone engaging in any of these types of behaviors, report them. Players in violation will be silenced, suspended, or even banned from the game as a result.”

That is great news for players on PC. However, those on consoles must still send their reports through the third-party channels of Microsoft and Sony. This is because of guidelines placed by the console manufacturers, leaving Blizzard with little room for negotiations. That being said, the developer promises that it is working on a solution and improvements made on PC will eventually be implemented for consoles as well.

Last month, game director Jeff Kaplan assured that his team is working to eliminate troublemakers from Overwatch. The harsher penalties are just the start. Should players still create issues for others, Blizzard will turn the dial to increase the penalties “and will continue to do so” in the future if the need be.

As a reminder, Blizzard has zero tolerance towards cheating and hacking. Those found using illegal third-party injected software or program for added advantage will be permanently banned without a second thought.