Lancer Zero Hecarim Arrives as the New Loot-Exclusive League of Legends Skin

The Public Test Environment (PBE) was updated earlier today with a whole new lineup of special skins for the League of Legends community.

Lancer Zero Hecarim is being introduced as the new loot-exclusive skin for the game. This means that it cannot be purchased through either IP (in-game currency) or RP (real-world currency). The only way of obtaining the skin is through the Hextech Crafting system, where it may drop for lucky individuals for free or will require a specific number of extremely rare gemstones.

“Ever on guard, Lancer Zero Hecarim gallantly steps up to any threat,” reads the announcement. “Enemies beware, lest they be trampled into the dust.”

It features a brand new character model, accompanied by new animations and special effects. The Shadow of War also boasts unique sound effects, with possible cues targeted at specific champions.

The loot-exclusive lineup of skins features the likes of Hextech Annie and Soulstealer Vayne. In March, Dreadnova Darius joined up as a merciless general who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Lancer Zero Hecarim is the next entry in that prestigious lineup.

Riot Games has also announced Pentakill Kayle as the latest inclusion to the metal band. She will be taking center stage in League of Legends as the new lead singer, meaning that it is time for Karthus to take a step back and share the spotlight with the angel of death. Without a release date, we are assuming that she will release alongside the launch of Grasp of the Undying, the second album from Pentakill.