Destiny 2 Survival Mode Features Limited Respawns, Like Trials Of Osiris-Lite

A new Destiny 2 survival mode for the game’s multiplayer has been revealed, and it appears to play like Trials of Osiris-Lite in terms of gameplay. IGN has released a 7 minute video that shows off some gameplay, and it looks like a fairly fast-paced and tense mode for the game’s multiplayer.

Taking place on a new map on Mercury called the Altar of Flame, the Destiny 2 survival mode features limited respawns and permadeath; once a team runs out of its respawn tickets, they’ll die permanently, making careful conservation of your lives and awareness of your surroundings essential.

The Altar of Flame map is a medium-sized map that features a number of open areas, along with numerous narrow corridors. In the center of the map is a drop point for heavy ammunition, which might make you a prime target for snipers if you decide to try and get some more firepower.

The game type will be put in the competitive part of Destiny 2’s gameplay, alongside the Countdown gametype, where players attempt to plant bombs and keep them safe until they explode. Trials of Osiris will also likely come into this category, if it carries over from the original game.

Destiny 2’s multiplayer is a bit more compact than multiplayer in the original game, as instead of being six-on-six in each gamemode, the game modes are four-on-four. However, there may be six on six game modes after the game releases. Altar of Flame is also the most recent multiplayer map to be seen, along with the Endless Vale, Midtown, and Vostok.

To see more information about the Destiny 2 survival mode, take a look up at the video further up the article. In the meantime, be on the lookout for Destiny 2 when it releases on Playstation 4 and Xbox One on September 7, and to the PC on October 24.