Avalanche Announces 3-Day Just Cause 3 Trial To Celebrate Launch Of Multiplayer Mod

To celebrate the launch of the community made Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod, developers Avalanche Studios have announced a free Just Cause 3 trial to let players experience everything the game has to offer.

The Just Cause 3 trial lasts for 3 days and will include the XL edition of the game which means players get to try not only the base game but also all the Just Cause 3 DLCs available including the Mech Land DLC. Mechland DLC is part of the Air, Land and Sea Expansion Pass where Rico gets to pilot giant Mechs around Medici.

Since the Just Cause 3 multiplayer mod is available for free, once players have downloaded the entire game and DLCs, they can proceed to download the multiplayer mod and have full access to not only the singleplayer campaign of the game but also unleash mayhem in multiplayer mode with support for over a 100 players in a single server.

It is interesting to see Avalanche not only stepping out of the way of modders who want to improve the life of their game but also wholeheartedly embracing them and giving the audience a chance to test out some of the best things about Rico Rodriguez’s crazy life.

The developers did something similar with the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod, giving their blessings to its creators instead of sending cease and desist notices on apparent copyright infringements. On top of that, they later even hired the creator of the mod to work for them at Avalanche Studios.

Just Cause 3 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The free Just Cause 3 trial is however only available on Steam version of the game starting from 25th of July. Those who end up liking the game and what the multiplayer mod offers can purchase it at a 75% discount from the Steam Store.