AMD CEO Believes Cryptocurrency And Gaming Need Will Drive The GPU Market In 3rd Quarter

While the boom in cryptocurrency mining might have the general gaming community unhappy on account of not being able to purchase their desired GPUs, AMD CEO Lisa Su believes that it will help drive the third quarter shipments of graphic cards.

During an analyst conference call, AMD CEO Lisa Su mentioned that the demand for cryptocurrency mining capable GPUs and gaming is what will help the company sell their upcoming RX Vega GPUs in the third quarter of 2017. AMD is expecting a 23% improved revenue stream in the third quarter as compared to second quarter.

Despite not coming up with their major flagship Vega GPU series in Q2 2017, AMD still generated $1.22 billion in revenue. According to Lisa Su, this will only increase because of the demand for the upcoming GPU series and their new processor lineup, all of which will battle Intel so AMD can reclaim its market share.

We have seen elevated demand for cryptocurrency, inventory for GPUs is lean, but our priority is the core gaming market.

Su also mentioned that AMD will try its best to prioritize and supply the upcoming RX Vega chips to game PC retailers so that more and more everyday consumers can get their hands on the high-end GPUs without having to worry about supply issues. As for consoles, the semi-custom chips built for them will also peak in the third quarter as the company ships new processors to Microsoft for Xbox One X. However, this peak might slump in the fourth quarter.

AMD’s Vega GPU lineup and Ryzen Threadripper processors are expected to be fully unveiled at SIGGRAPH at the end of this month. A recent photo from Lisa Su gave us our first look at the packaging for the Threadripper processor chip. The CPU is meant to counter Intel’s upcoming Core i9 series delivering the same performance at a better price.