18 Most Difficult Moral Choices Video Games Have Forced You To Make

Video games have come a long way since their inception and have evolved from a linear experience to complicated and interconnected narratives that often gives you an opportunity to make a moral choice that might change the outcome or could be just to make you feel some emotions.

There are a slew of games out there that offer players choice of choosing their path and in some cases their own story like The Witcher 3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Walking Dead, Mass Effect games and more. However, not every game presents players with a moral choice that can emotionally devastate them when they learn of its outcome. Here are 18 most difficult moral choices in video games that players were forced to make.

Lambert(Splinter Cell)
In Splinter Cell: Double Agent, players were forced to make a choice regarding the fate of Lambert who has been captured by the enemy. Here players are forced to make a difficult choice, either save him or blow your cover or let him die and stay undercover.

The game forces players to choose and asks them what is more important? Friends? or your duty?. What makes it more difficult moral choice is that if you choose to keep your cover safe, Sam will have to kill Lambert himself.

Wear It Or Toss It(Fable)
The entire Fable series hinges on moral choices that players have to make over the course of their adventures. But, the original Fable offers a very tempting moral choice during the endgame.

In the game, once you defeat the dragon form of Jack of Blades, the game forces players to make a choice. Either wear the mask and get all of its powers or toss it into the fire and get rid of it forever.

Human Or Non-Human(Radiata Stories)
Around halfway through the game’s story, game’s protagonist “Jack” is forced to make a moral choice which is either side with humans or side with non-humans. Making wither choice will take players to a variety of different locations and players will face different bosses but, both choices lead up to tragic endings.

Who Kills Duck(The Walking Dead)
In Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1, Kenny’s son “Duck” is bitten by a zombie and the group is forced to make a difficult decision of putting Duck out of his misery as he is turning into a zombie.

However, regardless of what choice you make, Kenny’s wife takes the matter into her hands and decides to kill Duck. However, she kills herself as she can’t shoot her son and here players have to make a moral choice either let Kenny, who just lost his wife, shoot his son or Lee will pull the trigger on Duck.

Golden Butterfly(LA Noire)
LA Noire is an amazing game about a detective investigating criminals. The game has a variety of cases that players will have to solve but, none of them are as gut wrenching as the Golden Butterfly.

In this case, players have to find the murderer of a woman and there are only two suspects, the victim’s husband, and a pedophile. Here you have to make a moral choice as the pedophile does not seem to be the murderer and players are forced to convict the husband. But, surprise surprise, none of them is the killer.

Geth or Quarian(Mass Effect 3)
Mass Effect series is full of choices that effect;s the story and the world around Commander Shepard. In the case of this moral choice, players have to choose which race lives and which dies. However, choosing each side has its own downfalls and this moral choice is basically picking the poison of our preference.

Civil War(Skyrim)
Skyrim is one of my most favorite games and it presents you with a lot of choices throughout the game. The most important moral choice in the game comes in the Civil War where players have to either side with Stormcloaks or Imperials. However, whichever side you choose the Civil War will happen and the outcome will not be different that much.

Torture(Metal Gear Solid)
In the first Metal Gear Solid, players have to make a choice, either spill the info on Meryl or suffer torture from Liquid. However, if the player chooses torture their work does not end as players will constantly have to button mash for Snake to resist the torture and if you fail to keep up then Meryl dies.

Little Sister(Bioshock)
Bioshock is an amazing first-person shooter. The game offers rewards for patient players or instant gratification for impatient ones. Little Sisters in BioShock contain Adam, which is a very useful resource that players need throughout the game.

However, there are two ways to get Adam from little sisters. Either Drain all the Adam and kill them in the process or Drain only what they can provide and let the Sisters live. Also, this choice will also impact you ending too.

Soldier or Civilian(Spec Ops: The Line)
Spec Ops: The line might have lacked a bit in gameplay mechanics and its story made up for everything that was wrong with the game. After being through hell in the entire game, at the end players will be presented three moral choices. Either spare the troops that came to rescue you or kill them all and embrace the darkness or make the sacrifice.

Fate of The Drug Dealer(Heavy Rain)
Heavy Rain raises the stakes soon after you get through the game’s opening. Players have to make a moral choice in order to save their son. Players are tasked to kill the drug dealer to save their son but, the choice becomes more difficult once you realize he has children too and players will be hard pressed to make the choice.

Doctors or Girlfriend(Infamous)
The need of the many outweigh the need of the few and PlayStation exclusive, Infamous, puts players through this test in the game’s climax. Players either have to save their girlfriend or the world.

Yennefer or Triss(The Witcher 3)
The Witcher 3 is a big and a dynamic game and players can also divulge into a romance with either Triss Merigod or Yennefer. This is the choice players will have to make but, courting one will somewhat break the heart of the other so be mindful with whom you want to proceed.

Kill Your Friend or Go Home(Far Cry 3)
In the final act of Far Cry 3, players will have to make a crucial choice either go kill all your friends with your very own hands or refuse and go home. This is a very difficult moral choice that players will have to make.

Pacifist or Genocide(Undertale)
Despite how simple the game looks, Undertale offers plenty of moral choices that players will have to make. The most important one is either kill all the monsters or spare them. However, your playstyle and the amount of detail that goes into this moral choice is astounding and you will be left pulling your hair while making the choice.

Tenpenny Tower(Fallout 3)
Throughout the Fallout 3 player have to make choices that impact the game’s world and at the end of Fallout 3 players are to make a moral choice. They can either blow the entire town by detonating the nuclear r bomb or spare them. The choice is yours.

Kenny or Jane(The Walking Dead Season 2)
The entire second season of The Walking Dead is full of moral choices but, it all boils down in the end where players have to choose between Kenny or Jane.

Kenny has been a ticking time bomb through the second season and to prove her point Jane does something that triggers Kenny’s wrath. Here players have to choose who lives who dies and those who have played the game including the first season will be hard pressed to make a decision.

Chloe or Arcadia bay
Life is Strange is a game about Max Caufield who has to make pretty difficult decisions. However, the most important decision comes at the end of the game where she either has to choose between Chloe or Arcadia Bay. However, choosing either will cause the demise of the other so it is a very difficult moral choice.

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