Rumor: AMD Vega To Suffer From Stock Shortage Similar To Other Recent AMD GPU Products

Similar to the launch of AMD’s Fury series of GPU, there are rumors circulating that the stock of AMD Vega series will also be very limited at launch. Since there is no official confirmation regarding the availability of Vega GPUs yet, this news should be taken with a grain of salt.

According to some sources inside the hardware circles, AMD seems to be once again having trouble with keeping up with the stock when it comes to their latest product. Reports suggest that when the Vega series launches next month, not only will it be only available at some exclusive retailers but the stock will also be severely limited.

This is surprising considering Vega was meant to be AMD’s counter to Nvidia’s GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and if successful, it would have helped them reclaim their market share. The reason for this limited Vega stock is unclear at the moment. Perhaps the introduction of the new HBM2 memory might be a big factor in this.

Another possibility is that AMD is deliberately trying to down play GPU availability to not only raise demand but also make sure that the cryptocurrency miners currently swooping in and claiming the GPUs are kept at bay.

AMD’s recent rebranded GPU series, the RX 500, has suffered at the hands of the cryptocurrency mining boom with stock staying at retailers barely for a few days before miners purchase it in bulk.

The AMD Vega series will be officially unveiled at SIGGRAPH at the end of this month with a full launch expected in the first few weeks of August.

No price point for these high-end GPUs is known yet but considering they are close to the performance of GTX 1080, a price tag of at least $400-450 should be expected if not more. The final price and performance also might determine whether people rush in to purchase the GPU series or not.