Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide – Catch Legendary Pokemon, How to Access Legendary Raids

In this Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide, we have detailed how you can catch the Legendary Pokemon and how you can access the Legendary Raids. With the new Legendary Pokemon Update, people have been looking around for instructions regarding how to enter these Legendary Raids to capture their favorite Legendary Pokemon.

We have curated this Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide so that with the help of it, you can easily capture the Legendary Pokemon and boast around your friends.

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Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide

We have detailed everything you need to know about the Legendary Raid Pass in this Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide so you can easily find and battle your favorite Legendary Pokemon.

How to Access Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass

Legendary Pokemon have finally been added to Pokemon Go in the form of Legendary Raids. However, a lot of players of the game are having a bit of difficulty understanding how to access them, with many asking how to get a Legendary Raid Pass in Pokemon Go. This is the main reason we have created this Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide.

Actually, you do not need to do anything special to gain access to a Legendary Raid. A regular or premium Raid Pass will grant access to Legendary Raids in Pokemon Go. However, Legendary Pokemon are not easy to take down or catch. Before you burn a Raid Pass, make sure you have a solid team with you that includes all of your most powerful Pokemon.

A group of friends – ideally 20 friends – with similar Pokemon ready to throw down with the Legendary Pokemon in the raid is recommended. After you have defeated the Legendary Pokemon, you will get a shot at capturing it. Make sure you capture it. Also, make sure that you go fully prepared for the battles are they are no easy feat.

This concludes our Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Pass Guide. If you have anything else to add to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!