“Plague Scientist” Grants Poisonous Combo in Hearthstone’s Next Expansion

Instead of dropping batches, Blizzard has apparently chosen to reveal one new card every single day from the the upcoming expansion pack for Hearthstone.

A recent post on Reddit points out that NGA, a popular Chinese Hearthstone forum, has revealed a new minion card mere hours ago.

“Plague Scientist” comes at a mana cost of 3 and attack/defense numbers of 2/3. It seems relatively underwhelming except that it combos with any other card played before it to give a friendly minion on the board Poisonous.

Rogues are likely to make great use of this new inclusion. For those unaware, minions with the Poisonous trait eliminate any target they come in contact with. Plague Scientist could be used in a rush to take care of a threat or further buff Edwin VanCleef on the board.

“Ticking Abomination” is another new minion card that was ousted earlier on for the next Hearthstone expansion pack. It comes at a mana cost of 4 and attack/defense numbers of 5/6. However, the trade-off is with the Deathrattle that deals five damage to all of your minions present on the board.

Knights of the Frozen Throne is slated to release sometime next month. The theme explores the possibility of Arthas, the Lich King, successfully defeating all the heroes of Warcraft at Icecrown Citadel and raising them to do his bidding with the malicious powers of Frostmourne.

The Blizzard Shop is currently taking pre-orders. For $49.99, you will receive 50 card packs of the new expansion. In addition, owners will get access to the “soul-devouring” Frostmourne card back.