Minecraft Getting A Resolution Boost On Nintendo Switch With Upcoming Update

Minecraft launched for Nintendo Switch earlier this year but, gamers were not happy with the game’s resolution being locked at 720p for both docked and the handheld mode. However, the studio has listened to the feedback as the Switch version of the game is getting a resolution boost.

Minecraft will soon be getting an update for Nintendo Switch that will fix the locked resolution issue. After the update rolls out for Switch the game will be playable in 1080p resolution while in docked mode. It will be a sigh of relief for Switch users who want to play the game on higher resolution.

Initially, it was considered that Switch was not capable of running Minecraft in 1080p but, Microsoft soon clarified that Switch’s hardware has nothing to do with the game being locked at 720p.

“Minecraft’s 720p docked/undocked resolution isn’t a question of system power, but stems from issues currently experienced shifting from one resolution to the other when docking/undocking”.

Also, Minecraft Story Mode The Complete first season is coming to Nintendo Switch and it might not be the only Telltale game to launch for the hybrid console.

Telltale Games’ head of communications Job Stauffer revealed that there is a possibility of the Minecraft Season 2 coming to the hybrid console. According to Job, while the studio has not announced the second season for Switch but, hopes that it will be in the future.

He also added that it would not be surprising if other Telltale Games’ series might end up on Switch as the console is perfect for the games they develop as all their games are same on mobile and consoles.