Microsoft Is Improving The Xbox One X UI, Third Party Webcam Support

Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra has announced that the company is working on improving the Xbox One X UI, addressing fan concerns that the console’s user interface would run into similar problems as the original Xbox One and be slow and clunky to use. Ybarra also said USB support was coming.

USB support would allow players to plug web cameras into their Xbox One X consoles, making players able to do things like run face cams on streams, or talk to their friends actually face-to-face while playing on a console, rather than having to do it over a headset.

The Xbox One has been dealing with various UI problems ever since it was released, with many criticizing it as being slow and difficult to navigate through. If Xbox One X UI is actually being improved on by Microsoft, hopefully the console will be improved enough to make navigating it quick and easy.

Messing with the user interface isn’t that atypical for Microsoft, either; ever since it was released back in 2013, the Xbox One has had its user interface fiddled with multiple times over its life. so we may see the Xbox One X UI also be fiddled with multiple times until the next generation.

In addition to the issues with the Xbox One X UI, Ybarra also brought up an issue with Fortnite, Epic’s newest title, and how it doesn’t have cross-platform saving that would allow people playing on the PC version to transfer games to their Xbox One, and vice-versa. Ybarra said that it was the developer’s decision to allow it or not.

The Xbox One X is supposed to be releasing on November 7 of this year, according to Microsoft at this year’s E3. Hopefully, when it releases, the Xbox One X will live up to all of the hype it’s gathered since it was first announced by Microsoft at E3 2016.