Metal Gear Solid Movie Director Needs to Look at This Chris Evans Fan-art

Metal Gear Solid movie was confirmed by Konami way back in 2012. The title went through plenty of development issues including problems with casting. The film does not have its lead character but managed to find a dedicated director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who loves Metal Gear Solid franchise.

Moreover, the director invited potential scriptwriters for the film over to his house and gave them an MGS crash Course. The director explained the story, characters, and their complicated relationships with each other to the writers of the film. He made the writers play the first Metal Gear Solid for an hour and then booted up the Metal Gear Solid 5 to give them a taste of both ends of the spectrum.

While things are on-track for now, the film is still without its lead character. We do not know who is playing Snake but a recent Avengers: Infinity War poster brought our attention something very interesting. Chris Evans, the star playing Captain American in Avengers, could be perfect for the role of Snake.

A fan-art brings Chris Evans to life as Snake, something that Konami and Vogt-Roberts need to look at.

Metal Gear Solid movie starting Chris Evans will surely be something special. The star is now done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is in the middle of filming his final acts as Captain America. Rumor has it that Infinity War is his final film as Captain America which means he can focus on other projects.

Would you like to see Chris Evans as Snake in Metal Gear Solid film? What other stars you think are suited for the role? Let us know in the comments below.