How to Fix Steam Client Lagging? Here Are Things You Can Try

Over the past few days, my Steam Client has an odd issue. Every time I logged in it started to lag and became unresponsive. For me, the issue started after the latest Steam client update. However, I have seen reports from players on social media saying that this issue has been around a while now for many.

So what to do? Well, I tried a few things and came across a couple of fixes that proved to be helpful for me. Hopefully, the article will be able to help you with the problem as well.

You first need to login to your client and do your best to close the pushed promotional window. It becomes hard to close it down as the client itself lags and doesn’t respond. Anyways, once it is closed, open the task manager by CTRL+ALT+DEL and stop a process called “Steam Client WebHelper” and “Steam Bootlegger.” Shutting down the later will close the Steam Client but the client should perform better once restarted.

For some, the latest update also turned off hardware acceleration, turning it back up should improve performance as well and fix the issue. To enable hardware acceleration, go to Steam>Setting> Interface.

Valve is yet to release a hot fix for the problem but it shouldn’t be long before the developer pushes it out. However, for now, these fixes are your best bet to fix the problem and have a smoother experience on Steam.

Try out the fix above and let us know if it helps you resolve the problem. If you have any other fixes and workarounds for our readers, let us know in the comments below.