Bungie Gives More Details On Destiny 2 Open World Activities Including Flashpoints And Lost Sectors

Despite holding a beta for Destiny 2, Bungie still hasn’t revealed a lot of information regarding the Destiny 2 open world activities, until now that is. Thanks to IGN, we now have more details about the various side activities players will be able to take part in which includes Lost Sectors, Public Events and Flashpoints.

The video once again focuses on one of the locations in the game, Nessus and takes us through the Destiny 2 open world activities located in the area and how they differ from each other to keep the gameplay unique and fresh. One of the main issues with the side activities in the original Destiny was just how monotonous the open world activities were and became a chore after a while.

That however doesn’t seem to be the case anymore with the Destiny 2 open world activities. Not only is Bungie introducing a lot more variety to them but there are also increasing the number of activities available per location. On top of that, some of these activities will also present a narrative story instead of just sending players to interact with certain objects or kill certain enemies.

One example of that change is Flashpoint events where a new location on the map is selected after every weekly reset. Bungie had this to say about the Flashpoint events and the general Destiny 2 side activities

We knew going into Destiny 2 that we wanted to create a big weekly activity with an awesome reward that everybody could do and that was focused more on the open world

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on PS4 and Xbox One on 6th September. A PS4 Pro and Xbox One X version will also be releasing with the PS4 Pro confirmed to run at 2160p. A console Destiny 2 beta was held over the weekend and then later extended, finally scheduled to end today.