Destiny 2 Adventure Missions Will Be Self-Contained Sidequests

One of the things that Bungie promised about Destiny 2 is that there would be more story and different side activities, and Destiny 2 Adventure missions appear to be a part of this. The missions, according to Bungie, will be self-contained little quests that offer new information about the world you’re on.

Adventure Missions will be available on all four of Destiny 2’s playable areas, which means the European Dead Zone, Nessus, Titan, and Io. Considering that humanity had made a fledgling interstellar empire across the Solar System before the Collapse in the game’s backstory, there’s bound to be a number of cool stories to discover in each area.

Rob Engeln, a staff member at Bungie, said that the various Destiny 2 adventure missions might bring sparks of familiarity to some players, likely talking about individual quest missions rather than story missions. For instance, one of the quests where players end up getting an exotic weapon like the Sleeper Simulant or the Year 3 Gjallarhorn, or something similar to that.

Considering how Bungie has also promised there would be various missions called Lost Sectors, little mini-dungeons that would have rewards at the end, the company appears to be wanting to fill the game’s overworld with more content than simply random events. For instance, you won’t require a loading screen and won’t have to go to orbit to begin an Adventure mission.

However, the Destiny 2 Adventure Missions aren’t long, grinding affairs; Bungie had previously said that they would only be anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes long, though as you went through them you would come across information about the various races, the world around you, and more.

For instance, we’ve learned about the Fallen and how they want the Traveler back after the Darkness ruined their own civilization, and how the Hive hunt the Traveler and destroy other races.

Whatever will be coming in the Destiny 2 Adventure Missions remains to be seen, but hopefully they’re just one more thing that will make Destiny 2 even better than the original.