Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide for All Playstyles and Game Modes – Recommended Weapons, Best Abilities

In our Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide we have listed the best loadouts that you can use in Splatoon 2. These loadouts are divided in different categories such as short-range, long-range, mid-range and also according to different game modes such as Turf Wars, Splat Zones, Rainmaker and Tower Control.

It is very important that you equip yourself with the best loadouts before heading into battle therefore we have curated this Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide so that so you can easily choose loadout and never worry about going in the battlefield with the wrong loadout. Every loadout in Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide has the best weapon along with the best abilities to use with it.

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Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide

Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide details everything you need to know about the best gear loadouts in Splatoon 2:

Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts

Best Short-Range Combat Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Luna Blaster
Recommended Abilities: Ninja Squid, Swim Speed Up, Main Ink Saver

Luna Blaster is tough to beat and with this you can do one-shot splats. But this high-damage weapon has ridiculously limited range even some rollers have better reach requiring you to get close to opponents, preferably when they are not looking. Ninja Squid allows you to swim forward without being spotted. Swim Speed Up helps offset the slower swim speed attributed to Ninja Squid.

Best Mid-Range Combat Loadout

Recommended Weapon: N-Zap ’85
Recommended Abilities: Ink Resistance Up, Main Ink Saver, Ninja Squid

N-Zap ’85 is one of the most versatile rapid-fire weapons, making it a solid choice for mid-range. Equip Ink Saver (Main) to improve the weapon’s already impressively low ink consumption. The Ink Resistance Up ability is also useful, increasing your mobility while you’re stuck in enemy ink. Ninja Squid is always advantageous, particularly when you are performing sneaky flanking maneuvers.

Best Long-Range Combat Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Jet Squelcher
Recommended Abilities: Thermal Ink, Main Ink Saver, Ink Recovery Up

Jet Squelcher is a good option when you want to engage at long range without sacrificing rapid fire. The new Thermal Ink ability comes in handy for this loadout when hitting an opponent, you continue to see them even as they move behind a wall or other piece of cover. This allows you to anticipate their movements and line up shots with greater ease. Ink Saver (Main) and Ink Recovery Up help you deal with the Jet Squelcher’s high ink consumption. The Splattershot Pro and Heavy Splatling are good alternatives when seeking long-range weapons with rapid fire.

Best Turf War Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Aerospray MG
Recommended Abilities: Run Speed Up, Swim Speed Up, Special Charge Up

When it comes to spreading ink in Turf War, the Aerospray MG is a popular choice, thanks to its wide cone of ink coverage. It’s also a formidable weapon when encountering opponents at close range. This loadout benefits from a boost in speed, so use Run Speed Up and Swim Speed Up to push forward and ink more territory. And while you are spreading so much ink, the Special Charge Up decreases the amount of turf you need to cover before acquiring the loadout’s Curling Bomb Launcher which, in turn, allows you to spread more ink.

Best Splat Zones Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Rapid Blaster
Recommended Abilities: Main Ink Saver, Ink Resistance Up, Quick Super Jump

During Splat Zones, stay along the perimeter and use the Rapid Blaster to saturate the zone with ink. Of the Blasters, the Rapid Blaster has the longest range, making it ideal for attacking or defending from the perimeter. With so much ink flying around one area, you’re likely to get stuck in enemy puddles, use Ink Resistance Up to improve your mobility.

Best Rainmaker Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Aerospray RG
Recommended Abilities: Bomb Defense Up, Run Speed Up, Swim Speed Up

The two Aerospray variants have the highest rates of fire, making them good choices for securing this super weapon at the start of a round. The Aerospray is also a good option for flanking. Use Bomb Defense Up to reduce incoming explosive damage. Run Speed Up and Swim Speed Up are other useful abilities to consider during this fast-paced game mode.

Best Tower Control Loadout

Recommended Weapon: Blaster
Recommended Abilities: Bomb Defense Up, Quick Super Jump, Special Charge Up

Defending in Tower Control, a good Blaster is essential for splatting opponents riding the tower. Tower riders tend to hide in their ink or behind the vertical post. By firing just above the tower, Blasters have the ability to rain down ink from above, splatting opponents regardless of where they’re hiding. Since bombs are always flying in this mode, Bomb Defense Up is a worthwhile ability. Use Quick Super Jump for rapid response to the stage’s center.

This concludes our Splatoon 2 Best Loadouts Guide. Play around with the loadouts and you can create your own loadout as well. If you want to add anything to this guide, you can use the comments section below!