New Monster Hunter World Footage Shown At SDCC, Weapons Types To Be Revealed In Upcoming Days

Capcom gave fans a new look at their upcoming Monster Hunter World game with a focus on the weapons in the game. Sadly, the footage isn’t a direct feed and is recorded from the show floor so the quality isn’t very good but considering this “leak” it is possible the official trailer might get released soon as well.

The Monster Hunter World gameplay video also shows some of the game environments that the players can use to their advantage such as jumping and mounting monsters to attack. Capcom confirmed during the event that they will be releasing 14 videos for each weapon type available in-game in the coming few days. This in itself gives hope that the gameplay footage shown will also get a high-quality official release.

Besides the weapons and a little bit of combat shown, not a whole lot was revealed about Monster Hunter World at the San Diego Comic Con panel. However, the game is confirmed to be at Gamescom next month and it is highly likely more gameplay footage and information will be shown during that event.

Making a huge departure from their usual platforms, Monster Hunter World will be releasing exclusively on home consoles and PC instead of handhelds as Capcom announced during the game’s first unveiling at E3 2017. According to the game producer, this was mainly because of the complex and realistic AI combined with co-op elements which made the Monster Hunter World gameplay impossible on handheld hardware available right now. This also includes Nintendo Switch as Monster Hunter World is only confirmed for PC, Xbox One and PS4 so far.

For Monster Hunter fans, there is a Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX in development.

Since the game’s announcement, Capcom has been steadily releasing Monster Hunter World content to hype up the fans before the official launch sometime in 2018.