Full Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster Leaked Thanks To Comic Con

With Capcom’s presence at San Diego Comic Con over the weekend, we now have a new look at a bigger Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster and it seems like this might be the final character roster before the game launches. While Capcom didn’t show the complete roster during their SDCC panel, fans took it upon themselves to create the full page based off of previously released and leaked characters as well as those shown during SDCC.

From the looks of things, the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster will feature 35 characters at launch which seems fairly decent. Of course, this roster won’t be available to everyone as it includes some DLC characters but even without counting those, the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite character roster seems formidable enough to counter some of the other recent fighting games.

As previously rumored, Spider-Man is indeed a part of the final roster for the upcoming Capcom fighting game. The developers had previously confirmed during the EVO 2017 championship that Jedah from Darkstalkers will be joining the game as a playable character. The character was also featured in an exhibition match between Filipino Champ and Combofiend during EVO 2017.

A recent 26-minute video had also shown us a new look at the game’s roster including character pairings. Some of the characters which weren’t included in that roster but were previously leaked such as Venom are now in this new one and as the bottom row of the character selection screen suggests, they are indeed DLC characters.

Pre orders for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are currently open with the game to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 19th September. While the game may look intended for casual audiences, Capcom is confident that it will cater to both new players and veterans while having enough depth to have an eSports future.