Here’s How to Unlock Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter II

Shin Akuma has remained as a secret character in Ultra Street Fighter II since the game was released for the Nintendo Switch back in May. Now, though, the developer has revealed what it takes to unlock the “True Great Demon” and see foes start cowering in fear.

While hosting a panel at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, Capcom shared a special code that needs to be accurately punched in order to have Shin Akuma appear as a regular selectable character on the main screen.

  • Select Ryu, highlight Color 1, hit B to cancel.
  • Select Ken, highlight Color 9, hit B to cancel.
  • Select Sagat, highlight Color 8, hit B to cancel.
  • Select M. Bison, highlight Color 7, hit B to cancel.
  • Select Random, press L and R simultaneously to choose Shin Akuma.

Take note that the code does not work in local wireless or online battles. He is not just a cosmetic change and actually deals a lot of damage. However, he also takes a lot of beating from opponents in return. In addition, Capcom has granted Shin Akuma access to a few special moves. This includes the double execution of Hadouken while in the air.

Shin Akuma first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 2 as a hidden boss. Paying homage to that, the character previously appeared as a boss fight in Ultra Street Fighter II as well. Players simply need to fight their way to M. Bison in the arcade mode without losing a single round. At the end, Shin Akuma will replace the Dictator as the final boss.

Elsewhere, three new sports costumes are heading to Street Fighter V this week. Laura is finally getting an attire that is not revealing and deemed safe for the audiences of broadcasters.