Compensation for Runes Reforged Discussed, League of Legends Community Not Happy

The Runes Reforged initiative carries exciting prospects for League of Legends, but the community is more concerned with how they will be compensated.

The notion for worry is understandable since a major portion of the global player-base has already spent a large amount of resources over the years in purchasing both Runes and Rune Pages. Riot Games is still not ready to reveal the complete plans for compensation but what it has shared so far has only brought frowns on the faces of many.

To begin with, any Runes purchased from May 30 until the upcoming pre-season around September will be refunded for their complete value. However, Rune Pages purchased during the same period will not be. According to a post on the official forums, Rune Pages will be carried forward to the new system later on. Hence, Riot Games sees no reason in refunding them back to the players.

The part about the Rune Pages, though, does not sit well with many. Among many new changes, Runes Reforged will allow players to edit their Rune Pages from the Champion Select screen. This means that players can easily do with a couple of Rune Pages and swap between Runes depending on their roles or champions. Those who have already purchased multiple Rune Pages might not find the same value in them once the new system goes live.

So what happens to those who spent IP (in-game currency) and RP (real-world currency) on their Runes and Rune Pages since the game was released? Riot Games is not ready to talk about that but it seems like the developer will not be completely refunding the value in terms of either IP or RP.

Responding to a comment, the developer stated that a plan is being formulated. However, the statement was not that assuring.

To some extent we want the rewards we come up with to take into account how much value you got out of the stuff you bought with your IP: if you got that s2 gold border using your crazy movespeed/attack speed page,on TF, you got some good use out of them. So you should still get recognized for what you spent to get those runes, but it probably doesn’t make sense to refund them the same exact way we would with a rune you got a few months ago. Details still TBD on the full plan for rewarding players who’ve invested in the game, but we’ve made a bunch of progress on figuring out a plan and I think it’ll feel fair for people.

We can only hope that Riot Games does not end up announcing exclusive Summoner Icons or a couple of skins for players as compensation. The League of Legends community devoted an incredible amount of time to grind those pesky Runes and Rune Pages. Not getting anything substantial in return will be downright insulting.