We Discuss Extinction With Iron Galaxy Executive Producer, Derek Neal

A couple of week before E3 2017 Iron Galaxy announced a new IP, Extinction. In a nutshell, Extinction feels like a Western re-imagining for Attack on Titan. Players will face 150-foot-tall ogres and the armies that trail in their wake to protect humanity. You are part of an ancient order and judging by the trailer it looks like the lead character is the only one left.

Developers are keeping other details close to their chest but we recently got in touch with Executive Producer, Derek Nael, in hopes of probing him for more information.

It is a single player experience where the player will follow a deep story revolving around protecting humanity.


SegmentNext: Seeing the gameplay I noticed that when you cut off an ogre’s limb it disappears which doesn’t look very good, wouldn’t it have been better to just let it drop to the ground? Same goes for the body as well it just disappears into thin air.

Derek Neal: Upon being dismembered, the Ogre’s limbs are absorbed by Avil’s rune blade and the energy he absorbs this way is used to power him up. More information on this will be coming in future gameplay reveals!

SegmentNext: The main goal is to rid the world of the ogres and save humanity, but while doing so what other activities we can engage in? Is there a crafting system in place? Dungeons?

Derek Neal: There is a growth tree as well as various side quests, daily challenges, horde mode, and custom battle mode. More information about all the different game modes will be coming soon.

SegmentNext: What about terrain interactions? Setting up traps to damage ogres among other things. simply destroy armor, cut limb, and repeat might get old quick, don’t you think?

Derek Neal: There are (and will be) a number of different ways to interact with the terrain, including things such as ramps, cranes, and exploding barrels.


SegmentNext: How much inspiration was taken from Attack on Titan? Or has Extinction always been its own thing?

Derek Neal: The inspiration for Extinction was always to recreate the classic David vs. Goliath experience in real time, skill-based combat. Although we’re flattered by the comparisons to Attack on Titan, we’re not deliberately taking anything from that franchise, and as time goes on we believe the differences between the franchises will become clearer and clearer.

SegmentNext: Let’s talk platform support, Sony and Microsoft both have their 4K consoles. How are you planning to support these new machines? Is it extra burden on the development team to support, what about extra cost?

Derek Neal: We have not yet determined whether or not 4K will be supported, but are continuing to evaluate the option.

SegmentNext: Dark Souls is a popular franchise and one of its key features was that it allowed other players to invade your world and take on monsters. Is there a similar system in place in Extinction? Or are we on our own?

Derek Neal: There is currently no similar feature planned for Extinction.

SegmentNext: And finally, will players get a chance to get their hands on Extinction before release? Demo or beta on the cards?

Derek Neal: Please stay tuned for future announcements!