Meet Shelob In This New Shadow Of War Story Trailer

Shadow Of War is one of the most anticipated games to launch this year and as the release is getting closer the hype for the game is also increasing. While there might be a mobile version of the game coming but, Monolith Production is completely focused on Shadow Of War and the studio has revealed a brand new story trailer for the game.

The main focus of this new story trailer for Shadow Of War is Shelob which the fans of Lords Of The Rings movies might not recognize at first. The trailer also teases the conflict of interest between Celebrimbor and Talion and as Talion trusts her while Celebrimbor is not a fan of Shelob.

Shelob was part of the Lord Of The Rings movie but, the reason many of you might not recognize her is that many of you will remember her in spider form as she chased Frodo through her lair within the Ephel Duath mountains

In related news, Monolith Productions has also revealed that players will not be able to replay failed missions in the upcoming Shadow Of War. If the player dies during the castle siege the time will move forward, player’s allies will be captured and the enemies will grow in strength.

Also, Shadow Of Mordor was a critical and commercial success, however, not all gamers picked it up partly due to it being a new IP. But, Monolith Productions is quite confident about its sequel and are making sure that for those who did not play the first one, Shadow Of War will be an entry point for them.

Shadow Of War is an open-world action adventure game in development at Monolith Productions and is scheduled to launch on October 10, 2017, for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.