New Madden NFL 18 Commercial Shows Off New Gameplay, New Mechanics

It’s only a few more weeks until the newest Madden game comes out, and a new Madden NFL 18 commercial has been released to celebrate it, along with showing off a good bit of new gameplay and some new mechanics, though we didn’t see anything specific. Madden NFL 18 will release August 25.

The game will be the most recent in the Madden franchise, and like every other sports game has been getting new mechanics and better graphics with each passing year. Players will be able to take control of all of their favorite football teams and lead them to the championship in the game’s career mode, along with playing against other players online.

The new Madden NFL 18 commercial shows off a variety of new mechanics that will be making their way into the new game. These include new target passing, more control over your team, new coach adjustment, and new mechanics for two team positions, the Wide Receiver and the Defensive Back. A new blocking and tackling system has also been implemented, not to mention more hits.

Considering how big of a draw American football is in the United States, the game is bound to make new sales records, the same as the NBA 2K basketball games and the FIFA soccer games (even though FIFA’s main draw is overseas where soccer is played in a much wider area).

If you’re one of those people that’s passionate enough about Madden to pre-order the upcoming game and order the GOAT edition, you’ll be able to play the game three days early, on August 22 instead of August 25. The GOAT Edition of the game also includes a large amount of content that the standard edition of the game doesn’t have.

The game will be available to play exclusively on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One on August 25. To see the new Madden NFL 18 commercial, look further up the article.