Koei Tecmo Releases New Nioh DLC Screenshots For “Defiant Honor”

Koei Tecmo has released a number of new Nioh DLC screenshots, all taken from the upcoming DLC “Defiant Honor”. That DLC will be the second pack of the game’s additional content, and will be adding in new characters, new locations, and new weapons to the Soulslike game next week.

Nioh is Koei Tecmo’s answer to Dark Souls, taking place in feudal Japan as players take on the role of William Adams, an Irish man who has come to Japan in pursuit of the alchemist Edward Kelley, who has stolen his guardian spirit in order to conquer Japan.

The game has won a great deal of praise both for its difficulty and art style, as players must make through way through a variety of self-contained missions fighting everything from bandits to undead warriors to kenku to demons, making use of various tools and weapons along the way.

There have already been a number of other Nioh DLC packs, including Dragon of the North and two packs that you got for completing the Alpha and Beta demos of the game. Defiant Honor will be taking place during the Winter Campaign of the Siege of Osaka, a great battle between the Tokugawa clan and the Toyotomi clan.

The siege, which would last for a number of months in both the winter and summer, would end with the Toyotomi clan’s destruction as Tokugawa Ieyasu solidified his grip on Japan’s shogunate. While you make your way through the carnage, William will meet the legendary Toyotomi warrior Sanada Yukimura, who led the defense of Osaka.

The new Nioh DLC screenshots show us a good deal of new gameplay and armor, along with a bit of what we can expect when the DLC comes out on July 25. It will be available for 9.99, and will possess a new weapon in the form of the Tonfa, along with new armor, spirits, characters, and more.

To see the new Nioh DLC screenshots for yourself, look back up the article.