Chinese Gaming Giant Tencent Starts Working On A PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Clone For Mobiles

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the latest Steam Early Access, which has taken the gaming world by storm keeps growing day-by-day, surpassing giants like GTA V in concurrent players. Of course, it was inevitable that the game would appear on the Chinese market’s radar and because of that, a Battlegrounds clone is on the way.

The Battlegrounds clone referred to as Tian Tian Parachute by Chinese gamers is being made by the gaming giant of the region, Tencent, the parent company of extremely popular titles like Clash of Clans and League of Legends.

Surprisingly, Tian Tian Parachute, which shares the name with a series name owned by Tencent, is actually being built for mobile instead of computers like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Of course, that also means that the control scheme for the Battlegrounds clone is very simplified to make the game fun and accessible to a wider market.

The base concept of Tian Tian Parachute remains the same, players drop from a plane and search for weapons and food while trying to survive and moving to the next safe zone on the map. Hide and seek also plays a huge part in the game as players have to sneak around and hide in bushes to get last hits on enemies. Since the game lacks a prone feature, players need to be extra cautious when moving around.

It is a surprise that Tencent is making this game, which looks like a pretty horrible clone when it is possible that they might be the ones publishing the actual Battlegrounds game in China when the opportunity comes like they have for numerous other big titles.

This isn’t the first time that the Chinese gaming market has tried to cash in on the opportunity of cloning a popular multiplayer game from the western market. Last year, shortly after Overwatch came around, clones started popping up for Blizzard’s highly popular shooter as well. There have also been clones of the Augmented Reality based Pokemon GO.