Middle Earth Shadow of War Gameplay Video Shows Wraith Skills In Action Over The Course of 40 Minutes

Monolith Productions recently did a live stream showcasing a lot more Shadow of War gameplay along with some developer commentary. The Shadow of War gameplay stream also gave us a new look at the Wraith Skills which the players will be able to invest points in and utilize during their journey through the game world.

Depending on the Wraith Skills players have selected in Shadow of War, their abilities are augmented for different combat styles. One such skill change involves throwing daggers, which players can equip to throw their Wraith daggers at a much faster speed than before in order to keep their combo going. The damage of these daggers is also in sync with the dagger players have equipped on Talion making sure that the equipped gear matters in the game.

Players can also combine the effects of multiple Wraith Skills like Poison Blast with Fire for even deadlier effect on enemies highlighting how the combat has evolved significantly since the original game which took a lot of inspiration from the Batman Arkham game series and combat remained pretty straightforward.

Middle Earth Shadow of War gameplay is shaping up nicely and developers Monolith seem to be really proud of what they are making as they continue to shower players with more and more gameplay details and footage instead of shying away from meaningful gameplay information.

Monolith has also confirmed that Shadow of War’s story should satisfy players who were disappointed with the ending of the first game, Shadow of Mordor. In fact, they believe the sequel might actually overcompensate for that extremely lackluster. A huge part of that might be due to the much bigger world this time around featuring locations such as Minas Morgul.

Monolith is also bringing Shadow of War to San Diego Comic Con today with a panel that features the incredibly talented voice cast and Monolith’s creative vice president Michael de Plater.

Middle Earth Shadow of War is scheduled for a 10th October release on PS4, Xbox One and PC. There have been hints that a mobile version of the game might also happen.