New Spiderman Screenshots Show Off Kingpin Boss Fight, Mr. Negative Train Battle

Some new Spiderman screenshots released by Insomniac have shown us at least two set pieces that are going to be in the game, in the form of a boss fight with the criminal Kingpin, and a battle against the villain Mr. Negative (from the E3 footage) set on a train.

The new Spiderman game is developed by Insomniac, and has been a guest at the last two E3s (even though only the most recent one gave us gameplay for it). Both Kingpin and Mr. Negative featured in that particular bit of gameplay footage, Kingpin being contacted by Spiderman in jail while Mr. Negative and his henchmen were the main threat.

Kingpin, also known as Wilson Fisk, is something of a cross-hero villain for a number of New York-based Marvel heroes; in addition to being the archenemy of Matthew Murdock (otherwise known as Daredevil), he’s also a villain to the Punisher and Spiderman.

Mr. Negative is another New York-based Marvel villain, who comes into conflict often with Spiderman, the Punisher, and the hero pair Cloak and Dagger (who will be getting their own original TV series by Marvel).

Insomniac has said that despite what the new Spiderman screenshots say, the Kingpin fight will be fairly early on in the game (explaining why, in the E3 demo, Spiderman was calling him in prison). Going by the other screenshot with Mr. Negative, it seems that Insomniac will make both him and Spiderman have multiple encounters throughout the game.

The E3 encounter we saw between Spiderman and Mr. Negative resulted in a chase through New York with damage to numerous buildings, followed by Spiderman saving Mr. Negative’s helicopter from crashing into the city streets. If what we saw in the new Spiderman screenshots is true, that won’t be the last encounter we have with him.

Insomniac’s Spiderman game will be coming out exclusively on the Playstation 4 sometime next year.