New Battlefield 1 Map “Prise de Tahure” Released, Final Map For “They Shall Not Pass”

EA DICE has released a new Battlefield 1 map, which will be the second night map and the final map for “They Shall Not Pass”. The map, known as “Prise de Tahure”, focuses on a battle between French raiders and German stormtroopers as they fight in a sleepy setting at night.

The map takes players through several small villages that have been uprooted by trenchworks and the horrors of war, and the conflict between the French and Germans is sure to destroy even more of the village with each passing minute of battle.

The new Battlefield 1 map will be available for holders of the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, or for players that own the “They Shall Not Pass” expansion. If you don’t own either of those, players will have to make use of their Premium Friends or the Premium Trials in order to get into the fighting.

Premium Trials are a new edition that comes along with Prise de Tahure, and will allow non-Premium Pass holders to try out the service before they buy into it. By doing a Premium Trial, you don’t have to partner up with a Premium Pass holder.

They Shall Not Pass was the first real expansion pack for Battlefield 1, and finally added the French Army to the game (which had been a controversial announcement by DICE as France was one of the war’s main belligerents and suffered some of the heaviest losses). In September the second DLC pack, “In The Name of the Tsar”, will be released, and it focuses on the Eastern Front of the war and brings the Russian Empire into play.

Other updates have also come along with the new Battlefield 1 map, including various fixes to maps and various bugs that have been causing trouble in the game.

Players can expect another new map, “Lupkow Pass”, in August.