I Have Something to Say About PlayerUnknown Banning Dr.Disrespect From Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has turned into a Phenomenon and there are currently hundreds of popular streamers playing this game, sharing their adventures with the audience. One of the streamers on Twitch, Dr.Disrespect, was recently banned from Battlegrounds over a team kill.

The situation later escalated when PlayerUnknown and Dr.Disrespect got into a heated argument on Twitter. I won’t get into that, that’s a story for another day. But the whole situation raised a question, at least in my mind. PlayerUnknown stated that no matter who you are you must follow the game’s policies.

An understandable and valid request, of course.

Battlegrounds players will get banned for intentional team kills but as far as my understanding goes, there isn’t a system in place that tracks this activity? And there is no reporting system? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this.

Because he is a popular streamer there was clear video evidence of what he did so he got banned as soon PlayerUnknown or someone from his team saw the video.

Anyways, the bottom line is that you must not kill your teammates. However, if that is something PlayerUnknown doesn’t want you to do then why add team damage in the first place? Why not remove it from the game entirely if your policy is against team kills.

You won’t need a policy, and there won’t be any violations if players can’t hit their teammates. Team damage and team kill is a feature most modern games leave out entirely or at least give an option to toggle on/off. It seems that they want you to damage or kill your teammate but only by accident where you screwed up.

It does add a little, for the lack of a better word, realism to the game. I have personally shot my teammates because I got spooked, I didn’t realize they were in the same building as me etc. But as a banning rule, this becomes one of those “gray areas” that will cause problems for streamers like Dr.Disrespect who play a character and make humorous videos.

It is their livelihood..

What do you think about PlayerUnknown banning Dr.Disrespect from Battlegrounds? How do you see this banning rule? Should streamers be exempted from this rule?