Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP Game Mode To Get An Open Beta Before Release In Fall

After months of waiting, we finally have some new information regarding the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP game mode. Titled Ghost War, the Wildlands PvP game mode will be delivered to owners of the game for free later this year but Ubisoft has announced alongside a new gameplay trailer that they will be holding an open beta for the general public.

Just like every other open beta, the Ghost War open beta will also let anyone get a taste of the 4v4 PvP mode coming to the game without having to purchase the base game first. If players like what they experience, they can go on to purchase the game which so far has been a singleplayer and co-op campaign experience. The actual free update is expected to be available in Fall 2017.

Not a whole lot of information regarding Ghost War is known right now, including the date of when the open beta goes live although Ubisoft has said it will be during the summer. In this Ghost Recon Wildlands PvP game mode, two teams of 4 players will fight against each other in a tactical deathmatch setting. Players will be able to choose from different classes and fight on large open maps, although the maps still won’t be as big as the entire province of Bolivia. The game mode will also introduce new mechanics such as suppression fire.

Despite the semi-decent reviews received by Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft has stuck to the game and continued to not only improve it but also deliver content in the form of paid DLCs and free updates. These free updates have included community challenges, which reward players with unlockables in the game. A recent update introduced the Tier 1 difficulty mode for those who thought the game was a bit too easy.

Not only was Wildlands the biggest release of the year back when it came out in March, Ubisoft’s latest earnings report has revealed that the game was actually the biggest hit of the year in the first half of 2017.