Extinction Dev Reveals Why Ogre Limbs Disappear in Thin Air

Iron Galaxy revealed its new IP, Extinction, recently and took the community by surprise. It is a very different project for Killer Instinct developer and comes as a breath of fresh air, at least for the developer itself who worked on a different genre for a while. The concept, however, is the old David and Goliath based story.

What matters is how you present it and how well the gameplay is handled. Speaking of gameplay, a very interesting but odd gameplay element we noticed was that Ogre limbs disappear when chopped off. It looked odd and was something that needed clarification and thankfully we do have one. According to Derek Neal, Extinction’s Executive Producer, there is actually a logical explanation for why this happens.

Upon being dismembered, the Ogre’s limbs are absorbed by Avil’s rune blade and the energy he absorbs this way is used to power him up.

He was unable to share more about this gameplay mechanic but the studio promised to discuss more in the near future. Extinction is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Iron Galaxy, for now, does not have any concrete plans to support PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X.

However, the studio is considering and looking into the possibility of supporting both platforms. There is also some news for Nintendo Switch players as Iron Galaxy isn’t ruling out a version for Switch. While the final decision hasn’t been made, the studio acknowledged that there is significant demand from the community so it is something they are willing to consider.

Would you like to see Extinction on Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments below and also leave a comment on the official social media channels for Extinction to let the developers know what you want.