Destiny 2 Supers Guide – How to Use, Changing Super, Combos

Destiny 2 Supers Guide will tell you how to use your super and also change it. Destiny 2’s beta has started and every subclass in the game has a Super ability that can turn the tide of the battle in a matter of seconds.

This guide aims to provide all the tips and tricks you need to know about using super abilities and also change it as some classes as 2 supers. This is a mechanic that has been carried over from the first game and it received some adjustments and improvements. With the help of this guide, you can master its usage in the game.

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Destiny 2 Supers Guide

Destiny 2 Supers Guide details everything that you need to know about using supers and changing them in Destiny 2. Supers are really powerful moves that allow players to wipe out entire waves of enemies or in case of bosses, take out a major part of their health. Supers are the easiest abilities to use in the game however they are also the most difficult to master because if you use a super on a wrong time, you will end up wasting it instead.

It is very important that you learn when to use your super. Once you use your super, they will not come back. At one time, only one player must use their super as it will wipe out the entire wave hence making the remaining supers useless. If you all end up using your supers at the same time, you might die later if the battle gets too intense. Using a Ward of Dawn buff while fighting with a boss helps to buff your allies. It synergizes your abilities.

Destiny 2 Supers Guide

How to Use the Super

Before using your super, you must build your super meter which is the thin meter located at the bottom left of the screen. Once it is full, press R1+L1 on PS4 or RB+LB on Xbox One to activate your Super. Once activated, it will instantly drain your super meter. It is very easy to find out when this move has been executed because supers always start with a stylish animation.

How to Change the Super

Some sub-classes such as the Titan’s Sentinel class can switch between two supers on the fly. The first super is the Sentinel Shield. It is both an offensive as well as defensive weapon. Second super is the Ward of Dawn protective bubble. In normal game, you will need to unlock this ability however in the beta, it is unlocked. Simply press R1+L1 on PS4 or RB+LB on Xbox One to activate the Ward of Dawn.

Each class in Destiny 2 has a super that can be used when the super meter is full. Below you will find details of supers and a list of combos that will help you in the game.

Hunter Arcstrider

Super Ability: Arc Staff
It is a staff filled with Arc Energy and it is used for fighting. However is leaves you completely open to attack when you are attacking with it. Keep on moving and try to avoid enemy gunfire and dodge all attacks.


  • [R1]: Basic Slash – A standard swipe attack.
  • [R2]: Razor’s Edge – Sends an arc beam forwards after slashing an enemy.
  • [R1+R2]: Whirlwind – Leap into the sky and take out enemies in mid-air.
  • [R1+R1+R1]: Ground Pole Slam – Slam your staff into the ground at the end of this combo, causing a small AoE (Area of Effect) eruption.
  • [R1 + R1 + R2]: Arc Palm Blast – Finish your combo by thrusting your hand out and blasting any foes ahead of you in a high damage cone of effect.
  • (Mid-Air) [R2]: Aerial Ground Slam – Plummet from the sky and crash your staff into the earth. Deals a huge amount of AoE damage.

Hunter Gunslinger

Super Ability: Golden Gun
Use the Golden Gun to evaporate a bunch of enemies in a matter of seconds. Good for PvP environments.

Titan Sentinel

Super Ability: Sentinel Shield
You can block damage, dish it out in close range, and even obliterate enemies from afar.


  • [R1]: Shield Bash – Basic melee attack.
  • [L1]: Shield Throw – Hurl your shield at enemies. It can also ricochet off enemies and damage multiple targets.
  • (Hold down) [L2]: Raise Shield – Protects you from incoming damage sources temporarily.
  • [R1+R2]: Shield Charge Combo – Basic melee attack followed up with a swift shield charge.
  • (Hold down) [L1+R1]: Ward of Dawn – Create a bubble shield that temporarily protects you and your allies from all sources of damage.

Titan Striker

Super Ability: Fist of Havoc
In the original Destiny, Titan Strikers were restricted to one ground slam when their Super Ability was activated. Now, you can follow it up by shoulder-barging enemies and pounding the earth as many times as your charge lets you.


  • [R1]: Shoulder Charge – Fly shoulder-first into your enemies.
  • [R2]: Ground Slam – Slam your fists into the ground, dealing huge AoE damage to enemies around you.

Warlock Dawnblade

Super Ability: Daybreak
Allows you to rain down fire on your enemies.


  • [R1]: Ranged Attack – Basic ranged attack, rain fire down on your enemies.
  • [R2]: Sword Slam – Slam to the ground in a flaming AoE burst.

Warlock Voidwalker

Super Ability: Nova Bomb
Unleash a big bomb on the enemies.


  • [L1 + R1]: Nova Bomb – Hurl an explosive bolt of Void Light at enemies.

This concludes our Destiny 2 Supers Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!