Players Can Finally Shoot Down Cabal Ships In Destiny 2 Beta

The beta for Destiny 2 is currently underway and according to Bungie, it has been very helpful for the development team. If you are one of those players who wanted to shoot down an enemy ship in Destiny, well you are in luck as players will be able to shoot down enemy ships in Destiny 2, at least in the beta.

Many of you who are currently participating in the beta, might have noticed that in the Inverted Spire strike there are Cabal ships near the drill site and have health bars and players have been trying to shoot them down. However, Redditor JAMeador13 seems to be the first to bring one down.

In order to bring down the enemy ship in Destiny 2 players will have to activate their character’s super ability and that is the only way to bring it down, for now. However, it won’t reward you in any way and is a waste of your super and destroying these ships seems pointless. But, it is nice to see that players will be able to interact with the ships in the game in a meaningful way.

Also, Bungie has warned players to be careful while linking their Bungie account to Blizzard account.

Bungie has warned players while linking their Bungie accounts with Blizzard accounts, as when the player will link their Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID with the new account the old one will be orphaned and players will not be able to access it.

Also, Bungie has revealed that players will be able to transfer their clans from Destiny to Destiny 2. Also, the class will support new features but, all of this will come at a cost.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch this fall for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit