You Can Not Use Police or Military Related Gamerpic on Xbox Live, Officer Gets Banned!

Update 2: Microsoft has provided us the following statement:

Images like the one described by this user would not be removed from our service or subject to enforcement action. Every image uploaded to our service is subject to our Code of Conduct and may be reviewed for compliance. Images violating that code can result in enforcement action against the user’s account, which may prevent any images from being uploaded for a short period. Our investigation found that this user had previously uploaded a different image not in compliance with our Code of Conduct, and the resulting enforcement action prevented the user from uploading further images for a short time.

Update: Microsoft’s Major Nelson has released an official statement on the matter saying:

“This image doesn’t violet our Code of Conduct. This temporary enforcement action resulted from an earlier image.”

A very disturbing report has just arrived regarding Xbox Live and its Gamerpic policy. An officer was banned from the network for using the Gamerpic of a Police Officer holding a flag. Michael Lee, a Law Enforcement Officer, used the picture of an officer holding a flag that somehow violated Microsoft’s Gamerpic policy.

His account was banned from accessing online features for 24 hours and he wasn’t allowed to file a case review, which would have given him more details regarding the situation as well. Apparently, those who get banned for 24 hours aren’t allowed to file a case review as it is considered “unnecessary.” You can wait 24 hours to play, right? No biggie.

So last night Xbox Live decided to enact enforcement for having this as my gamer pic. I tried to find out which rule it violated with a customer service representative. That met with the last message he sent me basically stating to avoid this don’t post any photo of police or military related to avoid this further.

When Lee tried to contact Microsoft he was met with a sort of “middle finger” response. He was not allowed to get in touch with the enforcement team to understand the kind of violation that took place. However, it was recommended that he should “refrain from putting any police or military photos to avoid this happening again.”

Reportedly, higher ups at Microsoft are aware of the situation and are “on it.” It seems that this ban does not reflect the actual company policy regarding Gamerpics but a single over zealous individual enforcing his/her own agenda. Microsoft actually sponsors transition classes for military personnel moving to civilian life so this is way out of line with what the company stands for.

However, behind the scenes story is unclear for the time being.

Source: Michael Lee