The Feeling of Building a PC Can’t Be Replicated With Consoles: Terry Crews

Terry Crews started building PCs recently as a way to bond with his son. However, it became much more than just a way to bond with his son. Terry Crews is building PCs and enjoying the excitement that comes with it. Speaking in a recent interview with PC Gamer, Terry Crews described how it feels to build a PC.

According to Terry Crews, the feeling of building a PC can not be replicated by consoles. The final product, when it runs, is simply an amazing experience. He also thanked tutorials that helped him with simplifying this complicated process.

As most of us do, Terry Crews also considers gaming as an art and building PCs as a way to scratch his designing itch.

I remember the feeling of having the PC, once we’d finished building it, having it turn on and work. It’s at that point you realize you can do it. Looking at it as a whole, it looks almost impossible. But as you start to break it down—I mean, thank god for tutorials—then you begin to understand how it works. And then it’s like: Oh my god! It’s difficult but it starts to get simpler, more imaginative, and I saw how you could customize from there.

Let me tell you: I’m into everything. I’m a furniture designer, I’m an artist, and I see no difference in this world than any other kind of design or art.

Terry Crews is not only into building PCs but there were strong reports that he was playing Doomfist in Overwatch. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case but it doesn’t mean that we won’t see Crews as a character in other projects.

In fact, he is already playing a role in Crackdown 3.