The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide – Find All Hidden Cartridges

The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide will help you find all the cartridges in the world of The End is Nigh. The End is Nigh is full of secrets and collectibles and Cartridges is one of them. Each primary world has one game cartridge hidden in it and all game cartridges can be played on your home console.

In our The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide, we have detailed location guides where you will find all the game cartridges and finally complete your collection. We have included the locations for the hidden cartridges in The Future which can be obtained after completing The Past Levels.

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The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide

The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide details all cartridge locations in the game so you can easily obtain each of them and play them on your home console.

The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide

Cartridge # 1 – Mortaman

Location: The End 15

This is the first game cartridge that you need to collect. The cartridge is located on top of the skinny pillar in the second are of The End 15. To collect it, you will need to get on top of the pillar as soon as possible.

When you reach the End 15, jump forward onto the middle island and back to cause the island to start sinking. Then, jump across the top of the sinking island and continue to the right to the next stage.

As soon as the skinny pillars start sinking, quickly run across the clouds to the right. From the fourth cloud, you will need to turn around and make your way to the first pillar. By the time you reach there, the pillar will be low enough for you to jump on it and acquire the Mortaman game cartridge.

Cartridge # 2 – Blaster Massacre

Location: The Arid Flats
Head to the Arid Flats 17. Coming from the right side, use the springboard in the center to reach the upper left platform. Use the second springboard to jump up into the area above. Continue through the area using the springboards to jump higher and reach further distances.

In the third section, you can find the game cartridge just beyond the leaping creatures. Time your jumps accordingly and jump your way across the creatures and hop across the gap to grab the Blaster Massacre Cartridge.

Cartridge – Denial; Future Cartridge

This is a hidden cartridge and can only be acquired after you beat The Past and move on to The Future. To obtain the cartridge, you must collect first 50 tumors. After you are done, make your way to the Arid Flats 5 and look for a creature down on the lower right. Interact with the creature with Y to have it send you to “The Future”.

Once there, jump only on the flat surfaces and avoid the round surfaces with the eye balls. On the second stage, jump toward the open space on the left where a large platform blob will fall. Jump on the platform and then quickly hop to the right to acquire the game cartridge.

Cartridge # 3 – River City Rancid

Location: Overflow
To get this cartridge, make your way to Overflow 20 by the way of The Split. When you reach The Split, jump to the center block and jump left to reach the higher platform. Continue left into Overflow 20. Jump straight up along the walls to reach the section containing the game cartridge. It will be on the far left so jump left across the platforms to get it.

Cartridge # 4 – Rubble Bobble

Location: Retrograde
Head to Retrograde 12. Rather than jumping forward like you normally would drop down into the gap just beneath the first platform instead. This will lead you to a secret place. Here you will find the game cartridge. Jump towards the left wall and it lowers down.

Watch out for the heaving blobs. Continue to the left and prepare to wall jump between the thorns of the two pillars. Pillar walls will start lowering as you start to jump between them. Proceed through the left passage once the wall is completely down.

You will see the cartridge suspended above in the mass. To get it, walk to the far left end of the passage and grab the square chip. This will cause the cartridge to drop down and you can collect it.

Cartridge # 5 – Ash Climber

Location: Wall of Sorrow
To find this cartridge, head to the Wall of Sorrow 9. From the lower left, hop up to the passage on the left. Continue to the left and use the platforms to jump across the gap and reach the cartridge.

Cartridge # 6 – Castrovania

Location: The Hollows
This cartridge is hidden within a secret passage which can be accessed from The Hollows 8. Start at The Split and make your way to the Hollows and continue on to The Hollows 8. Jump across the gap to the right to break through the wall and enter a secret passage.

The next area is dark and the ceiling will lower to crush you making it a little tricky. Move quickly and know where the safe spots are. In the second section of this secret are, hide beneath the second gap in the ceiling to avoid being crushed. Jump up through the passage to reach the area where the cartridge is located.

Cartridge # 7 – Fallen Fantasy

Location: SS Exodus
You need to obtain a key first before you can acquire this game cartridge. This key is obtained from The Machine level later on in the game. This key will open a door just beyond SS Exodus 5 and it will lead you to the game cartridge and another key. Once inside, you will find another locked gate on the floor. Break through the keyhole gate to drop down to the hidden area and carefully grab the key under the falling platform.

Use the platform to make your way up to the top and continue through the spike-filled corridor. Next section requires good timing skills and patience. Each time the platform raises, run beneath one of the gaps to avoid being crushed.

Keep doing this until you reach the end and then use the falling platform to rise up and reach the passage on the upper right. The last puzzle requires some timed jumps and once you are done, climb up through the moving island and grab the cartridge.

Cartridge # 8 – Dig Dead

Location: Golgotha
Make your way to Golgotha 18. Jump across the first set of spikes in Golgotha 18 and wait in the safe spot on the middle platform for the block to drop from the ceiling. Jump on top of the block then ride it upward to reach the passage on the upper left. Enter the secret area and you will a Dig Dead cart in the space up at the top. There is also an angry red block that slides around the room.

It will follow you wherever you go. Now you must lure the block around the area and position it beneath the cartridge so you can ride the block to the top. Use the pillar in the center to avoid getting smashed by the block.

Cartridge # 9 – Morbid Gear

Location: The Machine
Play through The Machine and make your way to The Machine 9 stage. Hop straight across the squares moving right and follow them off screen to find a hidden area leading to the Morbid Gear cart. Wait for the spiked platform to fall in the next section, then continue forward when it raises back up. In the next room, grab the chip as you hop onto the moving platform.

Ride the platform and after three-quarters of the way to the right, watch out for the falling blocks. As soon as you see the rectangular block rise up from the center jump on it and ride it up through the gap in the ceiling. Ride the pegs on the wall to reach the cartridge. Keep an eye out for blocks as they will come flying at you from the left.

We will continue to add more cartridge locations as soon as they are discovered. Be sure to check back! If you have anything to add to this The End is Nigh Cartridge Locations Guide, feel free to use the comments section below!