Strike of Kings Strategy Guide – Playing the Objective, Farming Tips, Best Heroes

Strike of Kings Strategy Guide will tell all the tips and tricks that you need in order to win more matches and be better at team play. Using these tips and strategies you will end your losing streak and be on the winning side after every match. Strike of Kings is an MOBA and it requires excessive teamwork to win.

We have listed some tips on how to pick the right hero, how to farm enemy troops and learning alternate builds. Some general gameplay and communication tips are also included in this guide. During the matches, you will have very little time to think about everything so you must know all the strategies and tips on how to approach the battle that is where this guide comes in.

Strike of Kings Strategy Guide

Strike of Kings Strategy Guide details everything you need to know to win in the new MOBA Strike of Kings.

Strike of Kings Strategy Guide

Stay Alive

The most important aspect in any MOBA game is to stay alive as long as possible. When you die, the enemy players get experience and gold and thus they become stronger than you quickly. So you must try to stay alive as long as possible. If you die and there are no other heroes are in the lane, the enemies might destroy your tower. First and foremost objective of this game is to survive.

Protect your Inhibitors and Towers

You must always try to protect your inhibitors and towers. Buildings in Strike of Kings are relatively less durable as compared to other MOBA games so in this game you must always be ready to protect and inhibitor or a tower. Inhibitors do not respawn and when they are destroyed, that lane will have stronger enemy minions.

This is a continuous threat to your base. Without cover, Nexus can be easily and quickly destroy. Even if players are protecting the Nexus all the time, without the cover, Nexus will eventually fall. So you must always protect the inhibitors and the towers. If you lose one inhibitor, always have someone defending that lane to prevent enemy minions and heroes trying to make a move for your base.

Communication is key to Success

Strike of Kings is an MOBA so it is heavily dependent on team work. Always communicate with your teammates. If you see an enemy hero disappear from your lane, always ping your team to let them know or write to them to let them know. This game has no vision totems so you will have to resort to other means of communications.

You will never win if you play the game single-handily. Without proper communication, there will be information deficits and your team will suffer. So it is very important that you must be in contact with your team mates at all times.


In every MOBA game, you must farm to gain easy experience and gold. This game is no different. You must farm on the enemy minions so that you can gain experience to level up and gold for buying all the gear and items that you want in the battle.

Always try to last hit the enemies to earn extra gold. Dealing the final strike to the enemy is no easy feat and you will need to practice it to make sure you can perform it in the real battle.

Choose the Right Character

When you choose a character, always make sure that you are choosing the right character for you. See what your team is picking and then pick your character accordingly. In any team, a ranged fighter, a melee fighter, and support are a must. If you are picking a specific role character then make sure that you play according to that hero’s playstyle. For later games, make sure there is also an ADC (attack damage carry) in the team.

Focus on Specific Heroes

There are 26 different heroes in the game. More might be added in future as well. If you are new to the game, stick with a few heroes rather than trying a new one every time. Select a few heroes and then continue to grind them to become proficient with that hero.

Try a good hero from each role and find your ultimate match. It is very important that you at least know to play with two characters from each class as sometimes someone else might pick a hero that you wanted to pick.

Create Alternate Builds

While there are some recommended items for every hero in the game, you must buy and choose your own gear. Try out different items and build random builds to find the combination that best suits your playstyle. There are dozens of items available in the game from which you can build your ultimate build.

Also, try creating multiple builds as sometimes you might not get a chance to run after an expensive item. Create at least one cheap and one expensive build for all classes.

This concludes our Strike of Kings Strategy Guide. If you have anything else to add, feel free to use the comments sections below!