Rare NES Game, Stadium Events, Sells For A Record $42,000

Being a collector can be a pretty expensive hobby especially when it comes to things like cars or basically anything vintage. While video games collection can also be considered among those, the recent sale of one an extremely rare NES game definitely puts games in the same category as some of the other expensive collectibles.

The rare NES game in question here is Stadium Events, which is considered as numerous video game collectors to be one of the most coveted titles. Stadium Events had an extremely short shelf life back it was first released for the NES console and was soon swapped out for World Class Track Meet making it an extremely rare game, perfect for a collector.

A mint condition copy of Stadium Events, still in its original plastic wrap was recently sold for $42,000. The rare collectible game was originally up for an eBay auction, which amassed a bid of $42,077, but the winner of the bid failed to pay the amount.

The seller decided to continue forward with the sale and the rare NES game was later sold privately to someone else for a slight discount of $77, which still makes this the most expensive game copy ever. In an interview with Kotaku, the seller said:

With all the hassles of the auction, we were blessed with this buyer. He was a man of his word, trustworthy, and deserves the highest graded Stadium Events completely!

Considering this copy of Stadium Events was in mint condition, the price makes sense if you look at the selling price of just the game cartridge itself, which sells for around $10,000, without anything else in the bundle. If it is a used copy of the game with instruction manuals included, the price increases to more than $20,000. Since sealed copies of this rare NES game are pretty much impossible to find these days, no wonder the collector was willing to pay such a huge sum for it.